Get Clear & Get Started on Your Next Big Move

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Get Clear & Get Started on Your Next Big Move

It's time, my friend. Time to trade in those tired excuses and familiar delays for that vibrant, purposeful life you know you deserve. In 5 weeks, you’ll go from side-hustler to full-timer, dreamer to creator, someday to today. And that's just the beginning...  

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Get Clear On Your Next Big Move

Generate momentum and excitement for your life by clarifying a vision of success true to YOU. Learn how to access your inner guide and quickly discern what you're being called to create next - be it a business, a product or service, or a new fulfilling career.

Build Confidence By Taking Action

Trade in the self-doubt, fear and delay tactics for belief in yourself that's backed up by evidence. Learn how to create fear-proof game plans that will shift you into action and keep you there no matter what

Engage Fully In Your Life Again

Feel the fulfillment and passion that comes from answering your call to create and going all-in. Learn how to work in a flow-state, consistently care for your energy, and celebrate your progress while you do something that matters.

Realize Your Potential Through Your Impact

Watch your life take on profound meaning as you walk your own path with the intention to serve others. Learn how to use your dream to positively impact others as the antidote to your excuses and procrastination. 

What You Get

5-Week Called to Create Online Course (Value: $1,500)

Each week, Kristin will teach you step-by-step the most impactful tools and strategies for your success in the coming week. You’ll create clear goals, plans to make them real, habits to stay focused and in-action, and the confidence and momentum to sustain your success for the long-haul.


Called to Create Weekly Workbooks (Value: $245)

Designed to break course teachings into bite-sized chunks for your busy schedule, the custom workbooks are filled with daily journal prompts and worksheets that guide you through every step of bringing your next big move to life! Students love how manageable and fun each week’s workbook makes the Called to Create process.

Daily Guided Visualization Recording (Course Exclusive)

Visualization is a powerful tool used by olympic athletes, creative geniuses and top-performing CEO's to get clarity and remove mental blocks to success. Whether you’re a visualization beginner or Pro, Kristin will lead you in a powerful daily practice of experiencing your loftiest goals as certain reality and removing the inner blocks to making them real.

Bonuses for Joining Now!

5 Workshops to Grow Your Business (Value: $485)

Get access to 5 expert led workshops:

>> Craft Your Business Model Canvas Create a Schedule for Success

>> Email Marketing for #Haters

>> 5 Key Ways to Boost Your Holiday Email Marketing Strategy 

>> "Legally Legit": The First 5 Steps to Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business 

30 Minute Private Coaching Session

Get the personalized coaching you need to clarify and rock your next big move!

At any point in your 5-Week Called to Create course journey, you can schedule a coaching call where I'll help you: 

>> Clarify your goal

>> Strategize your plan to reach it

>> Remove any mental barriers holding you hostage. 

20 Minute Deep-Dive
Guided Visualization
(Course Exclusive)

This transformative 20-minute guided visualization consistently gets cited by Kristin’s private clients and students as a GAME CHANGER.

Kristin guides you in a powerful process of realizing your biggest goals, overcoming the obstacles in your path and receiving the guidance and support intended for you to make your next big move a reality.

Called to Create students’ results prove this strategy can be applied & work for game-changers in any field!

"Kristin is so so helpful. In the five week course, she helped me really figure out what my next step is toward upleveling my business, and then gave me the tools (and the confidence) to get going! It has made such a difference knowing that I am doing things that will lead me towards my goals, and have the support of her experiences behind me!"

Stephanie Woods
Graphic Designer and Founder of Steph Woods Design

"Working with Kristin has really taught me how to overcome undesirable mental set backs and really focus on actively moving beyond any predisposed visions I stubbornly held on to. I was standing in my own way. Though my circumstances haven't changed, I can now focus on making positive progress!"

Chasity Noel
Photographer and Owner at Savvy Images and Mother of 2

"This course is a truly life-changing, transformational experience. It has helped me clarify, and put into action goals that I've been thinking about for a very long time. I have gained tools and exercises that are applicable to my life daily, and will help keep the momentum going way past when this course is over. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for extra inspiration and motivation on the path of achieving your goals."

Violeta Lee
Project Manager

"Friends if you have big goals & dreams in your life but you are simply resisting to make them a reality then you deserve to connect with Kristin Brabant. She is an amazing human that coaches with so much love & wisdom. I've had a few other coaches over the years and this is my go-to girl now. She is fierce and helps you get it done. I am honored to work with her and am so happy I said yes to doing her course. She is truly a gift!"

Becca Moore
Founder of B.Moore Healthy Coaching and Mother of 3

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can test the Called to Create Course risk-free!

If after 30 days from purchasing Called to Create, you’ve done the exercises and have not gained clarity & sufficient support to take action on your next big move, we will gladly refund your money. Just show us your completed Weeks 1 - 4 workbooks, and we’ll refund you in full.

The daily exercises are simple and manageable, and we’re confident they’ll put you straight into “start-up” mode! See for yourself, risk-free, by clicking below.

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From Dream to Done in 5 Weeks

In this powerful 5-week online course, you'll clarify what success really means to you and how to begin bringing that vision to life right now.

Using Kristin's unique combination of structured and spiritual tools, you'll learn how to overcome fear and consistently turn long-held dreams into present day realities. With Called to Create, you get the flexibility to watch your video trainings and complete the coursework on your schedule, while still receiving the support of a motivated, committed community in the private Facebook group.



Be Clear. Be Intentional. 

Clarify your big vision of success using the tool of visualization, and set intention for the leader you're becoming. Use daily guided visualizations and reflections to determine the direction you're being called to create first and remove the mental blocks to getting started.



Be Organized. Be Accountable. 

Learn Kristin's strategy for turning big, scary ideas into simple, celebratory step-by-step plans that you're excited to get moving on! Set yourself up for success by scheduling in exactly when you'll put in the work, how you'll hold yourself accountable and the impact you'll create by making it all real.



Be In Action. Be Tenacious. 

Learn how to take consistent action and build habits for sustained success (no more burnout, no more hit-it-and-quit-it forsaken projects). Create a daily routine that ensures you've got the vitality, focus and resiliency to make your next big move.



Be Powerful. Be Adaptable. 

Learn how to build the resiliency and adaptability to keep going...No. Matter. What. Watch your confidence and trust in yourself skyrocket as you navigate the unknown and the unexpected with newfound ease using Kristin's best "course correct" strategies and organizational tools.



Be Celebratory. Be Sustainable. 

Celebrate your progress, accomplishments and personal growth over the last 5 weeks! Finish strong by mining your experience for the hard-earned wisdom you’ll apply to your next goal. Maintain your momentum with a new plan for what you'll do or create next ( can repeat the course for your next move!).

Decide to Begin

You don't need the 30-step master plan or the bulletproof vision of what you'll do next, you just need to decide you're ready to begin. That's it. Just decide you're done waiting and you're open to listening to and answering your unique call to create. Click the button to get the training, tools, accountability and community you need to make you next big move.

Hey Sister,

I’m Kristin Brabant, a Women’s Success Coach living in San Francisco, California (...but with a habit of following wherever the salsa music & seabreeze take me).

I started the Called to Create Course because it’s exactly what I needed when I was stuck in a job I was miserable in, but too scared to leave, letting big dreams of starting my own company be “someday” hopes.

But I didn’t have the Called to Create Course to help me really shine a light on my fears and guide me into perfectly imperfect action.


So, I spent 3 years attending every seminar, earning a coaching certification, reading countless books, listening to every audio training I could get my paws on to finally build the strategy and confidence to make my big move.

I know now, and after leading hundreds of women through the same process, that it doesn’t have to take three very expensive, exhausting years to get moving.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already waited long enough. And waiting only makes us feel less capable and more hopleess the longer we use it as a strategy.

This is why I created the Called to Create Course by combining 20 years of spiritual practice, and 10 years of coaching experience, with all the best tools, strategies and skills I developed in my quest to listen to my heart and do the thing that scared me most -- leave my job to start my own company without much of any savings...So you can make your next big move NOW.

You’ve already waited long enough, and right now, sister, we need your brilliance and talent to be shared with this planet more than ever! We need you to play all-out.

Let’s get you moving in the direction of your big dreams, and lift more women and men out of their limitations with us while we climb. I don’t know just what game-changing moves you’ll make in the next 5 weeks, but I do know you can do it, and I can’t wait to watch you live into your potential.


If you are…

  • Working a side-hustle or passion-project on the side, but craving the support and accountability to turn it into your full-time job...
  • Dreaming of starting your own company but unsure how to make time, what you’d even do, and scared to begin…
  • Sitting on a desire to make a major career pivot, but every time you think about updating your resume, networking or job-searching after a long day’s work, you cringe…
  • A current business-owner struggling to carve out time to create new & marketable offerings that could really take your business to the next level
  • In a cycle of inconsistently working towards your big goals, and unsure how to maintain focus and momentum

....then Called to Create IS FOR YOU!



Here’s the catch:

  • You have to do the work.
  • I will show you how. It will take you 15-60 minutes a day. I’ll even show you how to make time for your big dreams, and prioritize your potential over your fear.
  • But I can’t do the work for you. Only you can make your big dream happen. Only you can own that pride in yourself once you follow my lead and shift into more action and momentum than you have ever experienced before.




"This was an incredible experience! Kristin provides the tools, resources & encouragement you need to achieve your next dream goal!"

Gretchen Foskett
Physician and Founder of The Little Zebra Fund

"This was an amazing course. Kristin is a fabulous coach that provides firm direction and encouragement. The daily activities in the course are amazingly effective. I greatly enjoyed listening to the other amazing students and their goals. They encouraged me to actively pursue my own. This course was surely a game changer. I went from being STUCK to a consistent and active performer towards my goals. "

Alejandra Klein
Corporate Attorney and Mother of 2

"Kristin's course really woke me up and positioned me in startup mode. I loved the morning routine, and I have been doing this everyday since we started. The "Monkey's Exercise" has also helped me to stay organized, while keeping the non-important tasks from distracting me on a daily basis. Thank you Kristin for teaching this amazing course! I have been positively influenced and feel that I can use these tools to focus in on my next big move. You're amazing!"

Stephanie Stimmler
Sustainable Fashion Designer and Stylist, Founder of Venita Textiles and the Sustainable Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Think of the Called to Create Course as your 5 Week Bootcamp to shift you out of self-doubt, procrastination & fearful paralysis, and into joyful, focused action on your big dream. Each week, you’ll receive video training and a step-by-step workbook that guides you in getting clear on your next big move and getting started on making it happen.

The Called to Create Course will lead you through an action-packed, exciting 28-day challenge that previous students have used to launch their online stores & sell their products, attract donors to fund their non-profit, and rake in job offers for their dream career pivot!

Called to Create is also a community of courageous creators and doers. You’ll have access to 3 months of live training & coaching with Kristin inside the Solopreneurs Circle and a Facebook group where you can get support from Kristin and your fellow creators.

Called to Create is the most comprehensive, holistic and effective course out there to help you stop resisting your calling, and start becoming the leader and creator you were meant to be.

Most courses only teach you a skill to solve one problem in your business or life, so you wind up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for a temporary experience of success. The Called to Create Course guides you in building the habits and strategic processes to creating sustained success, so you can become the person who makes any lofty dream happen!  

You’ll get the organization, time management, and habit-forming tools alongside the powerful mindset and energetic tools to help you realize your big goal more powerfully & quickly than you’ve ever experienced before.

Each week you’ll get 3 training videos, brief daily workbook exercises and relevant extra materials to that week’s topic -- like a powerful guided visualization or a “Master Plan” template!


Once you’re done with that week’s content, you’ll unlock the next week’s materials.


You’ll also receive value from the bonus 3 month membership to my monthly business coaching program where you’ll have access to an accountability partner and the tools and training you need to lead a successful business.

That’s up to you! The course is designed to compliment the busy life of a woman aspiring for more -- women with dreams AND existing full-time commitments.

While the course is designed to deliver massive action and momentum when completed in a 5 week sprint, you can move through the content at your own speed!

Anticipate dedicating 15 minutes a day to coursework, plus the time you’ll commit to making your next big move a reality (which you’ll be guided through planning step-by-step).

Absolutely! You’ll have access to coaching from Kristin plus support from your fellow Creators in the private Called to Create Facebook group. When you take advantage of the bonus 3 month membership to Kristin’s business coaching program - Solopreneurs Circle - you’ll get her LIVE training monthly, as well as a live Q&A session where you can ask her your questions in real-time. You can also email [email protected] for technical support.

Called to Create’s total value with all the bonuses included comes to $2,233, but if you register now, you’ll pay just one payment of $497!

Your exclusive Called to Create launch offer ($300 savings) expires 5 days from the time you first receive it, after which you’ll pay one payment of $797 to access the course and bonuses.

You have 5 days to register and save $300 by claiming your exclusive launch offer! Register now and pay just $497 for the 5 week Called to Create Course, weekly workbooks, bonus 3 month membership to Kristin’s business coaching program, deep dive guided visualization and private Facebook group.

Once this offer expires in 5 days, prices will rise.

If after 30 days from purchasing Called to Create, you’ve done the exercises and have not gained clarity & sufficient support to take action on your next big move, we will gladly refund your money. Just email us your completed Weeks 1 - 4 workbooks, and we’ll refund you in full.

The daily exercises are simple and manageable, and we’re confident they’ll put you straight into “start-up” mode!

Once you purchase Called to Create, it is yours to use over and over! Many students repeat the course to maintain their momentum and cement the skills and habits. You’ll have access to the course for as long as it is offered (...and we don’t plan on eliminating this gem!)

As soon as you purchase the course, you’ll have the bonuses added to your account.

Called to Create was DESIGNED FOR YOU! In Week 1, you’ll be guided through a deep introspective process to help you get clear on your next big move. The beauty of this course is you’ll deepen your clarity and confidence by taking ACTION. No more procrastinating because you’re unsure — it’s time to get living by answering your call to be more and create more!

Just email us at [email protected] — we can’t wait to hear from you!

Called To Create Exclusive Offer Deadline

Access to this powerful course, exclusive bonuses, and grand opening price point ends soon!

You're SO CLOSE to breaking out of the fear, indecision and delay, and finally STARTING what you've been waiting for!

Stop hesitating. Stop doubting yourself and what you're here to share. Click the button below and start a new chapter where you go after what you want. Kristin will show you how.

You'll soon be diving into five of the most powerful, energizing and action-full weeks of your life.

We can't wait to support you in making your big dreams a reality.

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